FTU is a product for improving the function of patients with nervous system damage.

Systematic step-by-step sensory integration training improves the function of strengthening and stabilizing the injured area.

In a stable state wearing a suit, you can practice various postures. (supine, prone, sitting, stading, walking posture, etc.)

  • Three-sided mesh cage
  • Type :

    1. Rail Type : H type Crossway-rail System on upper center and breaking device
    2. PTS Type : 3 sliding sling units on upper
  • harness set : Quadri-suit set & Standing Suit Set

Product images
Sensory Integration Training

* FTU Unit : W 2,010mm X D 240mm X H 200mm
① Large Holder 1ea (845mm X 230mm)
② Medium Holder 2ea (880mm X 120mm)
③ Static Holder 2ea (765mm X 157mm)
④ Small Holder 2ea (570mm X 90mm)
⑤ Multi Strap 2ea (290mm X 90mm)
⑥ Chest Holder 1ea (985mm X 710mm)
⑦ Foot Holder 2ea (136mm X 148mm)
⑧ Traction Holder 1ea (800mm X 200mm)
⑨ Power Grip 2ea (120mm X 200mm X ø 30)
⑩ Rope 30cm 4ea (ø 8 X 300mm)
⑪ Rope 60cm 4ea (ø 8 X 600mm)
⑫ Elastic Rope 30kg 30cm 2ea (ø 8 X 300mm)
⑬ Elastic Rope 50kg 30cm 2ea (ø 8 X 300mm)
⑭ Length control assist Rope(8mm) : 1m, 2m(각 2ea)
⑮ Length control elastic 30kg : 1500mm / 1800mm
⑯ Tubing(각 2ea) : Silver 800mm / (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver) 500m
⑰ Tubing set : Yellow 30cm (4ea), Yellow 45cm(4ea),Red 30cm(4ea), Red 45cm(4ea), Green 30cm(4ea), Green 45cm(4ea), Blue 30cm(4ea), Blue 45cm(4ea)
⑱ Tubing 30M(Box) - Yellow, Red
⑲ Standing Suit 1ea
⑳ Quadruped Suit 1ea
㉑ D-Ring Belt set (14ea)
㉒ Pulley Set 8ea (Pulley, S-ring, Biner)

▍Main body

  • Of rectangular cube structure connected to 4 aluminum half oval columns with mesh submerged inside
  • Mesh is attached on 3 sides and 4 columns depending on use
  • Rail System & Sling unit at top center
    • H-shaped Crossway-rail System movable to front/back and right/left
    • Lockable Sling unit

▍Sling Unit

  • Manual & Exercise Therapy using sling accessories
  • strengthening and resistance exercise using Rope, Tubing after connecting pulley to the mesh on 3sides
    • Traction exercise using Sling and Mesh

▍Crossway Walking Rail system

  • Walking rail System movable to right/left, which enables to avoid obstacles during quadruped creeping training, walking training, functional task training, linear walking training on the H-shaped walking rail

▍ Harness set

  • Training the patient with balancing capacity reduced while body weight supporting load is reduced by connecting the harness to the sling unit
    • Quadruped Suit Set : used in exercise to strengthen and stabilize the upper body under the quadruped creeping posture
    • Standing Suit Set : Training for balance and function under sitting/standing posture after connecting the mesh on 3 sides with the tubing.

▍ Variant accessories

  • Holder and ropes for Sling