About KMD Indonesia

PT. KMD Indonesia (Korea Medical Device Indonesia) is a representative of the association of South Korean medical devices companies in Indonesia for the Korea Medical Devices Industry Association (KMDICA) based in South Korea. KMDICA is an organization under the auspices of the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, which consists of around 800 manufacturers of medical devices, and has also provided much assistance to develop the medical industry in South Korea since 1979.

PT. KMD Indonesia stands as an association for South Korean manufacturers of medical devices to expand their foreign markets and also strengthen cooperation in the field of medical devices with distributors of medical devices in Indonesia. Our association has sought to be a vital part of the global medical industry and undertake various international collaborations and undertake extensive projects.

Company History

KMD Indonesia was established in 2013 in Jakarta as an association that will bridge the producers of medical devices from South Korea in expanding and strengthening cooperation in the field of medical devices with distributors in Indonesia.



Becoming a support center for Global Marketing between Korea and the local area in Indonesia


 Reliable company to build good relations with the Korean Ministry of Health and Local Associations.


 Consistent and professional in the field of medical devices and ready to provide the best and professional services

Business Goals & Objective

Collaborate with domestic and foreign organizations and institutions related to medical devices

Provide guidance and other technical support needed for medical equipment companies and companies related to medical devices

Conduct research and development for medical devices, and subsidies for these activities

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